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Kebun Rimau SdnBhd

Kebun Rimau Sdn Bhd owns Balung River Plantation. It is an agricultural organization focused on sustainable methods that also creates value-added products from select raw crops. As a leading producer of high-quality health food and beverages, its main objective is to continue to innovate, developing safe products with the highest nutritional value.

Incorporated in 1979, Kebun Rimau is the registered owner of 3,000 acres of volcanic-soil agricultural land at Balung, in the Tawau district of Borneo.

Initially cultivating and selling oil palm (FFB), cocoa (dried beans), coffee (dried green beans), and tropical fruits, Kebun Rimau made the decision to reach a wider market. Its diversified activities include:

· Organic and sustainable cultivation of herbs, fruits, and other crops
· Commercial tree planting
· Eco tourism development

The organization has set up its own processing division, Balung Processing Facilities, in accordance with national food safety standards and halal standards. The processing plants include Herbal Tea, Juice, Extract, Syrup, Essential Oil Distillation and Freeze Drying. They are set up and managed to produce 100% pure, natural, organic consumables free from additives, preservatives and colorants. Kebun Rimau actively produces and markets food and herbal products worldwide under the brand name of ‘Balung Plantation’.

The organization is dedicated to quality and excellence in its agricultural and commercial endeavours. It will provide world-class natural, organic, and safe food products through Green cultivation, while improving the lives of its people and the community.

Kebun Rimau is involved at state level with Rural Development programmes that help to plan resource management and rural community development. The organization both leads and participates in introducing integrated farming systems in Sabah.