Raising The Steaks With Premium Organic Cattle

Ranging from Brahman, Angus and Wagyu breeds together with Water buffalos, our cattle are raised on top of the breezy hills of Balung Plantation. Nourished with only the finest quality of feed sourced from the lush surroundings, we are proud to produce high-grade beef that is organic and free from hormones and antibiotics.


We take pride in our systemic management of cattle waste, which turns manure into biogas and organic fertiliser. The biogas provides cooking fuel for our workers and powers up our distillation tanks to produce essential oils. It also helps minimise LPG gas usage, waste disposal, manure odour and greenhouse emissions.


Other then our steam boilers, hydro dams, recycled materials, tapioca waste into energy and many others, are our 3 in 1 Bio-gas installation. Please see diagram below, biogas is used for oil distillation and given to employees for cooking and so on. While the fertilizers are used for our many organic crops. Organic fertilizer sludge’s are re-directed back to the crops in the surrounding areas and the organic top grade delicious beef is also used for consumption.

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