Sustainable tree plantation

Teak is one of the most popular timber woods in the world, prized for its durability, strength and natural resistance to rot and pests. However, due to its high demand, teak forests have been heavily exploited in recent years, putting the future of these wild tree species at risk. Here in Borneo we have sustainably planted hundreds of thousands of tree’s and our sustainable teak are almost all past 20 years.

Other then our steam boilers, hydro dams, recycled materials, tapioca waste into energy and many others, are our 3 in 1 Bio-gas installation. Please see diagram below, biogas is used for oil distillation and given to employees for cooking and so on. While the fertilizers are used for our many organic crops. Organic fertilizer sludge’s are re-directed back to the crops in the surrounding areas and the organic top grade delicious beef is also used for consumption.

Currently we are planting Jabon (burflower-tree) and soon Benuang (Octomeles sumatrana) hopefully 200/300 thousand trees by 2025

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